CompreXX mark3 II برنامج الضغط الرهيب والذي يتحدى


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CompreXX mark3 II برنامج الضغط الرهيب والذي يتحدى Winzip and WinRAR

CompreXX mark3 II

برنامج رائع جدا ومفهوم جديد لبرامج الضغط . يضاهي ويتفوق على الشهيرين Winzip و WinRAR

ويعد افضل منهم . ويتعامل مع ملفات RAR, SIT, ZIP واكثر من 26 نوع من ملفات الضغط المتنوعة

create RAR, SIT, ZIP, and 26 more types

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Better than Winzip and WinRAR

CompreXX sets a new standard for compression software. Quite simply the most feature-packed file archive software around! Easier to use, Smaller Files and much more. CompreXX integrates directly into Windows Explorer, allowing you to manage archives, compress and decompress with a single click, never having to open a separate archive utility. It makes archives behave like folders in Windows Explorer, so you can browse inside them just like browsing into a regular folder, use copy/paste, drag/drop, and any other habits you may have developed with Windows Explorer to compress/extract your files. Including full support for ZIP, ACE, RAR, CAB, 7ZIP, GZIP and many more. Unlike other archive utilitiies that only handle several archive types, you will be hard-pressed to find a format that CompreXX doesn't work with. Now you can automatically compress all of your file attachments in Microsoft Outlook without giving a second thought. CompreXX allows you to automatically convert ALL attachments to your compression format of choice. CompreXX integrates with most popular virus scanners, allowing you to automaticaly scan files for viruses before they are decompressed! You thought you've seen it all using WinRAR or WinZIP

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السعر : 29 دولار

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